Triple ACE X10

Other nock solutions available for the Cartel 800 & 900 spines entail using out nocks. These increase the diameter of the arrow passing through the air, and adds to the cross sectional area exposed to cross winds, leading to additional wind drift. This negates the advantage of these very small diameter arrows. 

Why short bullet heads?

The short bullet point head (10 mm in length) minimises the potential for the head to bend on the very small diameter shank inside the arrow. This is a common, but not easily seen problem with many current point designs with point head lengths of 20 mm upwards. The problem can be seen by rolling the arrow on a flat surface such as table with the arrow point hanging over the table edge. The arrow point will wobble if it has bent on the shank, and the arrow will no longer fly consistently straight.

The shank length inside the arrow is greater to make up the weight lost from the head. This in turn slightly increases the stiffness of the arrow. This property can be used to add more weight to the point, or use of a weaker thinner spine to minimise side wind drift.

Short Bullet Arrow Points

Suitable for Easton, Mckinney, Bohning Blazer, and Beiter pin nocks.

Construction - solid aluminium

Weight 9.7 to 11 grains

Construction - stainless steel

Please see Product Selector page for spine and weight range available

Advantages -

Nock pins help protect the back of the arrow from impact damage and Robin Hoods. The pins tend to deflect any impacts rather than the back of the arrow being shattered, see image below.

 Nock Pins