Triple ACE X10

First of all, this is not a commercial sales page.

The information on this page is intended to illustrate what is possible using 3D printing, and to inspire people.

During the second part of 2012 I designed two prosthetic lower arms for two Kent archers with lower arm disabilities and developed the process for producing them.

The prosthetics have been produced by 3D printing in nylon on an EOS SLS machine. 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing, as it is also referred to involves building a part layer by layer directly from a computer model,

so is ideally suited to building totally customised parts.

Both prosthetics have now been used successfully once or twice a week for two years, and one year and nine months respectively, exhibiting very good durability. So I think I can now confidently state they are very much fit for purpose.

The computer data and production process are intended to be open source to help enable and inspire people.

So if you would like further information please contact


3D Printed Lower Arm Prosthesis

Our ACE pins are slightly longer than Easton pins, to provide additional support.

Engagement length 14 mm

Weight 12 grains

Will also fit the range of arrows listed below for our points

The construction comprises a replacement bow riser grip; interlocking hand component with integral ball joint cup, and custom fit arm wrap with integral ball joint to facilitate adjustment of wrist angle.